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What Are The Differences Between Dangle Earrings And Drop Earrings?

Fashion Jewelry For Women Drop And Dangle Earrings

Earrings have been around for thousands of years. Precisely, the history of earring dates back to 2,500 B.C. Over time, the popularity and significance of earring increased and the technology behind it also improved. Nowadays, different companies have ventured into the production of earrings and produced different types, designs, and patterns. There are majorly two categories of earrings; the dangle and drop earring.

What are drop earrings?

Drop earrings are those that “drop” just below the earlobe. Mostly, drop earrings are simple pieces with attachments like gemstones, bead or charm dropping from the base of the earring. Although the earring drops slightly below the earlobe, the ornament piece is stationary and does not move. Even if it moves, the movement is limited and only comes right off the base. More so, the hanger used for drop earrings are usually posted with an “o-ring” for the drop piece.

The closure used for drop earrings are usually posts or studs. The earrings may also be all one piece when a hook closure is used which serves as the hanger plus holds the ornamental piece.

What are dangle earrings?

Just as the name implies, dangle earrings are those that hand and swing to and fro or from side to side. Dangle earring typically hangs below the earlobe and move. The length of the hanger varies from brand to brand. Some are short while some are longer and can even brush the shoulders. The style can be a single chain dropping from the hook and holding an ornament, usually a gemstone or a bead. In some other style, the hook can branch off into different layers of equal or unequal length.

Could earrings be both dangle and drop?

The argument is quite clear. A dangle can be a drop but a drop cannot be dangle. A short dangle earring can drop slightly below the earlobe and there may be a little movement. However, drop earrings do not move unless they move together with the body. Sometimes, an earring can be a combination of both the drop and the dangle. In this case, the earring could be an ornament drop from the earring base and an additional chain that dangles with gemstones, charms or beads attached to the end.

How to choose the perfect earring?

1. Comfort:

One major factor that every woman considers before purchasing an accessory is the comfort. When it comes to buying an earring, it is important to choose the type with the lightest weight. Of course, weight plays a huge role in gravity and too heavy earrings can cause a big depression on the earlobe and hole. Drop earrings usually cause little or no effect since they are usually light-weighted.

2. Occasion:

Your choice of earring will also depend largely on the kind of occasion you are attending. If you are attending a night out or a party with your friends, dangle earrings are perfect. Dangle earrings like long-gold strands are fun for clubbing. Drop earrings are good too but are more appreciated for formal events, particularly for offices and more serious occasions.

3. Personal Style:

Of course, every lady has her own unique style and priority. Ladies often prefer one particular style and wear them often. More so, the choice of earrings tells more about the personality of a person. It can also be indicative of her mood at a particular moment. A simple diamond earring can mean that a lady is feeling sophisticated while long dangling neon-colored beads mean a sense of fun and excitement.

4. Hair:

Your choice of earring can also depend on the kind of hair you put on. Long, elegant dangle earrings look perfect with short hairs while the drop style is almost perfect with any hairstyle.