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Larimar Earrings

Caribbean blue evokes strong imagery: clear skies, clear waters, sunshine everywhere. We can't all be so lucky to live in the Caribbean, but we can take a piece of it with us by wearing a pair of larimar earrings. Larimar is found only in the Dominican Republic, making it relatively rare. When wearing larimar earrings you will be reminded of warm, sunny weather that will last all day.

For fans of turquoise earrings, larimar earrings are an excellent choice for changing it up. There's a style of larimar stone earrings to suit everyone. Modern and simple dressers and bold fashionistas alike can find a perfect pair to complement their wardrobes. Fans of the water may be especially fond of larimar earrings. The color, the single place of origin, and the nautical motifs used in larimar earrings are all great reasons why beach lovers add larimar stones to their collections.

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