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What Are The Most Flattering Earrings For Your Face Shape?

Many people think that certain accessory pieces can bring out the best in your face shape. For instance, a woman with a round face may want to consider wearing an earring with a dangling style with length. If you have a square or triangular-shaped face, then you should experiment with an earring that has movement to it, such as a dangle or hoop. This may help soften the angles of your face.

Have a look at our tips on selecting the right kind of earrings for your facial shape.

Earrings For Round Face

Round Shape Face

Round face shapes are full of curves and their features can vary in spades when placed together. From strong cheekbones to round jawlines, round faces will typically feature some degree of these features. Available in every face shape, the key to wearing earrings is honing in on your specific face shape's needs. For someone with a round face, you should focus more on long, dangling earring styles to create that illusion of extra length.

Earrings For Oval Face

Oval Shape Face

Earrings that best suit your face shape include long, dangling earrings that extend below your face or a chandelier earring that hangs just below the collarbone. Alternatively, you may want to consider studs or small hoops for a minimalist look. The key is finding earrings that don't interfere with your jawline and highlighting the top of your cheekbones.

Earrings For Square Face

Square Face Shape

People with square faces can wear almost any type of earring, from studs to the classic hoop. The only thing to keep in mind is that dangling earrings should not be too long. Long hanging earrings will make the face appear longer and more angular. If you feel like this may be a concern for you, consider wearing an earring that sits on the top of your ear lobe or shorter clip-style earrings.

Earrings For Heart Face Shape

People with heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead, thin cheekbones, and narrow chins, so are recommended by people who wear larger earrings at the bottom of the earrings to balance out their jawline and maintain a well-balanced look. There are a lot of earring frames, including teardrop designs, that can contribute to this effect.

Earrings For Diamond Shape Face

Diamond Face Shape

Those with a diamond-shaped face - where the eyes are the widest portion of the face and the mouth shape corresponds to the chin - may want to try balancing out the angles by applying studs that sit close to an ear or chandelier earrings that get wider at the bottom.

Earrings For Pear-Shaped Faces

Pear-shaped faces are characterized by a rounded jaw and full cheekbones. With such a shape, your best bet for earrings is to go with long, dangly earrings. These will frame the roundness of the face. If you still want to wear earrings that are more suited for your style or personality, try studs that are small and placed on top of the earlobe.

Earrings For Triangular Face

Triangle Face Shape

Several different earrings can work well with triangular facial shapes. Jewelry with many small details, such as hoops or dangling earrings, can help round out the angles on your face. On the other hand, large, dramatic earrings might only accentuate the contours of your face and make it look even more angular. If you have a longer face, you might want to consider earrings that are positioned lower on your face. Again, you want to avoid earrings that draw attention to your cheekbones.

Earrings For Narrow Face Shape

Narrow Face Shape

Narrow (or rectangular-shaped) faces have the same general shape as the square face but are more elongated. Studs, short dangles, hoops in a medium to large size tend to minimize the length of very narrow faces.  


In conclusion, if you have an oblong or round face, go for dangling earrings. If you have a square or diamond-shaped face, choose studs to balance out the angles. If you have a triangular-shaped face, dangling earrings.